Luca Mei Katzen

This is a site for all of our family and friends who aren't within spitting distance of good 'ol NYC. This way you can always see what Luca's up to. If you are looking for Enzo click here.

Noa & Daniel

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Luca & Noa at the Neill's House

Daniel's two babes hanging out at Rolf and Ushma's house.

Crazy Teeth

Look, I've got 5 crazy teeth.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I will give you a raspberry and you will like it - so says Luca.

mmmm... toes

The title says it all.


Count'em, 4 teeth with more on the way.


I'm just way too cute for my own good.

Baby with Balloon

Too bad the balloon isn't red.

Luca on the Swings, Again

I'm going to get you mommy, and your bling too.

On the Swing

This is a kid who loves the swing, can you tell? 

Luca in the Tub

  This is a baby who loves the tub - here sporting a fo-hawk.

The Bali Dress

Grandma Naomi brought back this cute number from her trip to Bali - and I love it!