Luca Mei Katzen

This is a site for all of our family and friends who aren't within spitting distance of good 'ol NYC. This way you can always see what Luca's up to. If you are looking for Enzo click here.

Noa & Daniel

Saturday, August 20, 2005

grandpa roy and luca at rachael's wedding

you look kind of like my dad, did you know that?

looks like hannah isn't the baby any more

loretta and i were soooo hot..

me and cousin lynn make a good team

this is aunt hannah, and she makes me giggle like a little baby, oh wait...

hmmmm... how shall i get another piece of corn?

that is one happy corn eating baby

it is definitely summer

the ladies

luca, dad, and the beautiful deschuttes

luca's new friend hema

mom, aunt hannah, and the babe eating her favorite green stuff

i love to swing - 7-22

all dressed up and no place to go - 7-19-05