Luca Mei Katzen

This is a site for all of our family and friends who aren't within spitting distance of good 'ol NYC. This way you can always see what Luca's up to. If you are looking for Enzo click here.

Noa & Daniel

Monday, January 31, 2005

Dad finally caught a smile on camera, at 41 days. I was trying to hold out, I swear

Daddy calls this the Grandpa Sol smile, almost caught it on film...

i will give you the one eyed monkey stare... and you'll like it!

Chilling with Grandpa Phil at 29 days. Hmm, he looks alright

Taking a bath at 26 days - otherwise known as trying to stay warm in the kitchen

Sunday, January 30, 2005

i'm a grumpy model, take the picture damn-it!

Luca's first New Year's Day

baby's first bar, getting burgers with mom at old town and flashing 'signs' Posted by Hello

uncle Rolf crying like a six day old Posted by Hello

Luca with Aunt Rachael on Christmas '04

Luca's second day, a little reverse UV tan

Proud mama, and proud grand parents - 1/20/04

The new dad with little Luca

The new dad with little Luca, about an hour after birth.

Daniel cutting the cord, minutes after birth