Luca Mei Katzen

This is a site for all of our family and friends who aren't within spitting distance of good 'ol NYC. This way you can always see what Luca's up to. If you are looking for Enzo click here.

Noa & Daniel

Friday, May 13, 2005


20 1/2 weeks and dad decided i had waited long enough for my first cuke...

needless to say - I LOVED it!!

I am just so damned cute.

Naomi and Luca having a grand ol'time.

If dad could keep his eyes open and mom could focus, we might get a good picture...

What the hell is in my hair?!

Damn, looks like I got dad's feet.

i'm blurry, but i'm still damned cute

we bring you a Luca free moment to announce - SPRING TIME

Lisa and Luca hanging out all cute like.